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An Open Mind by Megan Godtland

An Open Mind by Megan Godtland

Welcome Sioux Falls Free Thinkers!
Welcome Open Minds!

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Sioux Falls Free Thinkers is Home for all those of Free Thought with Open Minds! This group includes Atheists, Agnostics, and Humanists, those interested in science and Scientists, those who love animals and Zoologists, and Feminists and those wanting to help abused women, but all those with open minds are welcome. Free Thinkers are those that want a world without rules and controls on thought, without mental borders and boundaries. A world where anything is possible.

Free Your Mind! There Is No Spoon!
(From the movie, The Matrix)

The one thing the writers of the Freethinker definition seem to have forgotten is the idea of having an Open Mind, the basic concept behind what made Freethinking possible in the first place. We at Sioux Falls Free Thinkers reject this closed-minded rigidity of thought, so, even though we agree with and endorse much of the Freethinking definition, we took the word Freethinking back to its original roots and call ourselves "Free Thinkers" to symbolize Open Minds, Free Thought, and true Free Thinking once again.

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Review Sioux River Project and Review Hate Crime billboard plans

Fryin' Pan Family Restaurant, 1720 W 12th St, Saturday, December 3, 6:30 PM

As before we'll meet and discuss whatever members have a desire to discuss.

Official plans are for Friends of the Big Sioux River billboards up in January/February, as well as Hate Crime billboards and Teen Dating Violence Prevention billboards. Lots of good information for the citizens of Sioux Falls.

As always you can bring a friend.

And Last meetup before next year, sort of a Christmas party

Spezia Restaurant, 4801 S Louise Ave, Saturday, December 17, 6:30 PM

Let's meetup and celebrate the holidays with a really good Italian dinner. Spezia has the best Italian in Sioux Falls.

Our next meetup will not be until January 14th.

Dale Hemming, founder of Sioux Falls Free Thinkers

The Sioux Falls Free Thinkers group will never have any dues. Membership is not required to attend our meetings. This group will probably never have any formal rules except treating other members and their opinions with respect, and giving everyone equal time to speak. This group will never purge members for expressing their opinions or for forming their own group of open-minded people. The only loose requirement is that members, and those attending our meetings, have an interest in one of the subjects of our five websites.

The Southern Proverty Law Center and the BBC
report over 700 Hate Crimes since the Election.
That's a jump to over 70 per day!
And it's only begun!

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes By Year

Breaking News!

12-2-16 Whales talk to each other by slapping out messages on water
Whales talk to each other by slapping out messages on water
Humpback whales break the surface and splash down to make a long-distance call, while fin-slapping is for local conversations. It’s something all whale-watchers yearn to see. The sight of whales breaking the surface and slapping their fins on the water is a true spectacle – but the animals don’t do it just for show. Instead, it appears that all that splashing is about messaging other whales, and the big splashes are for long-distance calls. Ailbhe Kavanagh at the University of Queensland in Gatton, Australia, and her colleagues studied 94 different groups of humpback whales migrating south along the Queensland coast in 2010 and 2011. Humpback whales regularly leap out of the water and twist on to their backs – an action known as breaching – and slap their tails and fins in a repetitive fashion. The resulting sounds travel underwater and could possibly communicate messages to other whales.

12-2-16 Bees of the sea: Tiny crustaceans pollinate underwater plants
Bees of the sea: Tiny crustaceans pollinate underwater plants
Seagrass pollen doesn’t just ride the tides - the grains of at least one species hitchhike on undersea invertebrates. Seagrass pollen swirls around on currents and tides, but it turns out that the grains can also hitch a ride on tiny marine creatures. Underwater invertebrates can ferry pollen between flowers, in the same way that bees and other animals pollinate plants on land. Seagrasses provide food and a habitat for everything from microscopic crustaceans to manatees, and stabilise coasts by anchoring sediment with their roots. They can propagate by cloning, or by sexual reproduction through the transfer of pollen from male to female flowers. Until recently, scientists thought that their pollen was conveyed from bloom to bloom by water alone, without the help of pollinators, says Brigitta van Tussenbroek at the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s marine science institute in Puerto Morelos. So van Tussenbroek and her colleagues were surprised when underwater video footage of a turtle-grass bed revealed hundreds of invertebrates, mostly small crustaceans, visiting flowers. “We saw all of these animals coming in, and then we saw some of them carrying pollen,” says van Tussenbroek.

11-30-16 Earth warming to climate tipping point, warns study
Earth warming to climate tipping point, warns study
A warmer world will release vast volumes of carbon into the atmosphere, potentially triggering dangerous climate change, scientists warn. Writing in journal Nature, they project that an increase of 1C (1.8F) will release an additional 55 billion tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere by 2050. This could trigger a "positive feedback" and push the planet's climate system past the point of no-return. Previous assessments have not taken carbon released by soil into account. In their Nature paper, an international team of scientists said that the majority of the Earth's terrestrial store of carbon was in the soil. They warned that as the world warmed, organisms living in the planet's soils would become more active, resulting in more carbon being released into the atmosphere - exacerbating warming.

11-17-16 Chinese tourist town uses face recognition as an entry pass
Chinese tourist town uses face recognition as an entry pass
A face-recognition system built by Chinese web giant Baidu has started to authenticate visitors’ identities as they enter the Wuzhen tourist attraction. From today, the ticketed tourist town of Wuzhen in China is using face-recognition technology to identify people staying in its hotels and to act as their entry pass through the gates of the attraction. The system, which is expected to process 5000 visitors a day, has been created by web giant Baidu – often referred to as the “Chinese Google”. Wuzhen is a historic town that has been turned into a tourist attraction with museums, tours and traditional crafts. When people check in to hotels in the tourist area, they will now have their pictures taken and uploaded to a central database. If they leave and re-enter the town, the face-recognition software will check that they are actually a guest of a hotel there before allowing them back in.

11-17-16 Lift-off for Galileo satellite quartet
Lift-off for Galileo satellite quartet
Europe is extending its satellite-navigation system by putting another four spacecraft in orbit. They are going up on an Ariane 5 rocket. Lift-off from French Guiana occurred at exactly 10:06 (13:06 GMT). It is the first time Europe's premier launch vehicle has been used to loft Galileo satellites. Normally, they go up on a Russian Soyuz, two at a time. The mission will bring Galileo's in-orbit constellation to 18 spacecraft. That is six short of the planned number for the full network, but more than enough for Galileo to start an initial service, which it is expected to do in the next few weeks. When that happens, the very latest smartphones and other types of receivers should start picking up the system's signals - either to get a position fix or to make use of its embedded timing information.

11-16-16 China’s space station now has insects, weeds and rice on board
China’s space station now has insects, weeds and rice on board
The Tiangong-2 space station includes experiments in growing thale cress, an edible weed and rice in microgravity. INSECTS, weeds and rice are growing on the Chinese space station, and could pave the way for future food sources for astronauts. China’s Tiangong-2 space station launched on 15 September, and two astronauts have been living there since mid-October. The station includes experiments growing thale cress – an edible weed – and rice in microgravity. Chinese news sources are reporting that the cress has flowered and some of the rice plants are 10 centimetres tall. The station also hosts an experiment designed by Hong Kong middle school students involving six silkworms, which previous studies have suggested could be protein sources for long space journeys. Five of the silkworms have spun cocoons. When the astronauts return to Earth, which is expected around 18 November, they will bring cress samples back with them. The rice experiment will continue for several months. This is not the first time we’ve grown food in space – astronauts on the International Space Station ate lettuce grown in orbit. But the Tiangong-2 experiment lets scientists on Earth control the incubator environment remotely.

10-19-16 China's Shenzhou 11 docks at Tiangong 2 space station
China's Shenzhou 11 docks at Tiangong 2 space station
Two Chinese astronauts have arrived at the Tiangong 2 space laboratory, in a mission aimed at developing China's capabilities as a space power. The Shenzhou-11 spacecraft blasted off from northern China on Monday, and docked with Tiangong 2 at 03:24 Beijing time (19:24 GMT Tuesday). Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong will be spending the next 30 days in space conducting experiments. It marks the longest space mission by Chinese astronauts.

10-19-16 How to read a book without opening it
How to read a book without opening it
Radiation technique can aid studies of ancient texts. Scientists have devised a way to read without cracking a volume’s spine or risking paper cuts (and no, we’re not talking about e-books). The new method uses terahertz radiation — light with wavelengths that are between microwave and infrared waves — to view the text of a closed book. The technique is not meant for your average bookworm, but for reading rare books that are too fragile to open. Barmak Heshmat of MIT and colleagues started small, with a nine-page book of thick paper that had one letter inked on each page. By hitting the book with terahertz radiation and looking at the reflected waves, the scientists could read the letters within.

10-16-16 Rose McGowan accuses Hollywood boss of rape on Twitter
Rose McGowan accuses Hollywood boss of rape on Twitter
Actress Rose McGowan has accused a Hollywood studio head of rape on Twitter. The Charmed and Planet Terror star made the claims online using the hashtag #whywomendontreport. It had been trending after a number of accusations against Donald Trump emerged this week. Rose did not name the man but says that the attack is an "open secret" in Hollywood. During a number of tweets, Rose says she has sought legal advice over the assault but was told she could not win her case. She says a female lawyer told her that having performed sex scenes in her movies would count against her in court. Earlier this week an anti-Trump video, starring Rose, was premiered online. Lady Gaga also spoke in support of the hashtag, having previously revealed how she was raped by a music producer when she was a teenager. She says that reading tweets from rape surivors was like "re-living it all over again." "You are strong enough to make it through. I believe in you." - Rose McGowan (Webmaster's comment: I know it would be hard and difficult and scary for you but if all sexually abused women would find the courage to rise up in a mass movement and out their abusers we would see a revolution in the treatment of women in American like has never been seen before. It would make getting the vote pale in comparison. You all deserve to be treated like human beings and to get justice. Join Rose McGowan and tell it like it really is.)

10-15-16 Kansas mosque: Three men accused of plot to bomb Somalis
Kansas mosque: Three men accused of plot to bomb Somalis
Three men have been charged with plotting to bomb Somali immigrants at an apartment building and mosque in the US state of Kansas. Curtis Allen, 49, Gavin Wright, 49, and Patrick Eugene Stein, 47, had gathered firearms and explosives for the attack, according to the US Justice Department. The members of a militia group called the Crusaders also kept watch on the target in Garden City, officials said. They allegedly planned to strike on 9 November, a day after the US elections. The suspects had prepared a manifesto and conspired to detonate a bomb at apartments where Somalis were among some 120 residents, said prosecutors (in other words they were willing to murder non-Somalis in order to murder Somalis). They allegedly discussed parking four explosives-packed vehicles at the corners of the complex to create a large blast in the meatpacking town. Mr Stein offered to provide ammonium nitrate for the devices and contribute up to $300 for other materials, according to prosecutors. If convicted, they face a maximum sentence of life in prison. Acting US Attorney Tom Beall said the eight-month investigation had taken FBI agents "deep into a hidden culture of hatred and violence". (Webmaster's comment: Murdering Crusading Christian Terrorists, that's exactly what they are! Enough of this evil bullshit! America needs to imprison all members of All Hate Groups!)

10-14-16 'Cut her mic' moment left me flabbergasted
'Cut her mic' moment left me flabbergasted
"Cut her mic." No-one's ever said my microphone should be cut before, so when Dr Ben Carson suggested I should be shut up after I asked him if he thought the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual abuse were lying, I was a bit flabbergasted. It sounded almost Soviet. Let's be clear about what happened. I asked Dr Carson, a surrogate for Mr Trump, a simple yes/no question. He refused to answer. When I pushed him he asked not once but twice that the programme shut off my mic. All I wanted was an answer - what I got was a ridiculous demand for censorship. Replaying the tape I see it also looks rather bullying. In a conversation about sexual harassment a man asks a woman to be silenced for asking a question he doesn't want to answer. He may not have meant to, but Dr Carson gave a perfect, real-time example of exactly the kind of overbearing, condescending attitude a lot of women experience all too often and that the whole Donald Trump scandal has raised as a conversation here. But I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that this pattern is very familiar to women everywhere. In less crass and explicit ways, this happens in the workplace all the time, men who talk over women at meetings, who take credit for a woman's idea or dismiss their female colleagues as somehow too emotional. Amid the stunned reaction to Dr Carson's "cut her mic" demand another important thing he said has been slightly overlooked. Later in the our interview he said it didn't matter whether the women accusing Mr Trump were lying or not. I don't really know what he meant by that but it's clearly nonsense. If the women are all lying they deserve criticism, if they're not, they don't. How could it not matter? (Webmaster's comment: Protect the man, censor the woman, Only In American!)

10-14-16 The dark secret of sexual assault
The dark secret of sexual assault
I really hoped I wouldn't have to write another article about sexual abuse during this presidential campaign. But the latest allegations against Donald Trump have prompted an important national conversation about the wider abuse of women. It's a conversation that is long past due, about something too many women have experienced in painful silence, and men for the most part are unaware. Every woman who has been the victim of unwanted sexual advances - and I don't know very many women who haven't - has strong emotions about this and a lot of unanswered questions. The political fallout of the New York Times and People Magazine accounts is pretty clear. Trump has vehemently denied the allegations, but women are deserting Donald Trump. His chances of winning the White House are diminishing. His campaign is in disarray, he himself is sounding increasingly apocalyptic. So let's try instead to examine some of those more awkward abuse questions, because they reveal something rotten in our society.

  • Why do we have to put up with sexual harassment?
  • What happens to women who complain of abuse?
  • A silver lining in #TrumpTapes story
  • Why this Trump row is different
  • Hillary's campaign and Bill's women
  • Why do women carry the shame?

10-14-16 Celebrities do get away with sexual assault
Celebrities do get away with sexual assault
Donald Trump is right: “Famous men can do whatever they want to women,” said Lovia Gyarkye. When Trump boasted in the now infamous video that he could “do anything” to women and get away with it because he’s “a star,” he was just revealing a sad reality. Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl, escaped prosecution, and later won “an Academy Award to a standing ovation.” Kobe Bryant’s reputation took only a brief hit after he paid off a civil suit from a 19-year-old hotel employee who said he’d raped her. For decades, Bill Cosby got away with numerous sexual assaults, dismissing his accusers as unstable women who were after his money. “The list goes on and on.” Right now, New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose is embroiled in a civil suit for allegedly gang-raping an unconscious ex-girlfriend with two buddies. His defense: She wanted it. The main concern of the team and its fans “appears to be how this will affect Rose’s play.” In our culture, allegations of sexual assault against a male celebrity are viewed as an “inconvenient obstacle” to be overcome, “rather than the gravest of accusations.” Trump’s boast about how famous, powerful men can treat women “is a reflection of who we are.” (Webmaster's comment: A male Trump supported said "He just likes women. What's wrong with that?")

10-13-16 US Election 2016: #repealthe19th tweets urge US women to be denied vote
US Election 2016: #repealthe19th tweets urge US women to be denied vote
Calls for women to be denied their right to vote have trended on Twitter as polls suggested Donald Trump would win if only men could cast ballots in next month's White House election. The Republican nominee's supporters were accused of tweeting #repealthe19th - a reference to the US constitutional amendment granting women's suffrage less than 100 years ago. The hashtag went viral after polls suggested Mr Trump would win election if only men cast ballots. Mr Trump has struggled to win over female voters, especially since a recent tape emerged of his sexually aggressive boasts. The hashtag began trending after FiveThirtyEight, a political number-crunching blog, tweeted two polls which showed what the outcome of the presidential election would be if only women voted, and if only men voted. He found that if the election only counted the female vote, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would win the presidency with 458 electoral votes and Mr Trump a meagre 80. If only men voted in the presidential election, Mr Trump would win the election with 350 electoral votes and Mrs Clinton only 188. A candidate must win 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. (Webmaster's comment: This is a movement supported by conservatives. Who else would?)

10-13-16 US Election 2016: Trump 'groped woman like an octopus'
US Election 2016: Trump 'groped woman like an octopus'
Donald Trump is facing a series of allegations of inappropriate sexual contact, after US media reported claims from several women. Two women told the New York Times that the Republican presidential candidate groped or kissed them. A People magazine reporter also said she was forcibly kissed, while another woman said Mr Trump grabbed her bottom. Mr Trump fired back on Twitter, calling the claims a "total fabrication" and denying the People reporter's account. The allegations come less than a week after a video shot in 2005 emerged which showed Mr Trump making obscene remarks about groping women. He apologised for the comments - which were widely condemned - but described them as "locker-room talk". Asked during last Sunday's debate whether he had kissed or groped women without their consent, Mr Trump said: "No, I have not", and stressed that he respected women. Many of the women said Mr Trump's denial during the second presidential debate prompted them to come forward. Calling the NYT story disturbing, Hillary Clinton's campaign said it "sadly fits everything we know about the way Donald Trump has treated women". (Webmaster's comment: Since this story over 10 women have come forward accusing Trump of groping thier body against thier will.)

10-13-16 Jessica Leeds: Donald Trump 'was like an octopus'
Jessica Leeds: Donald Trump 'was like an octopus'
A woman has told the New York Times she was groped by Donald Trump on a plane. Jessica Leeds, 74, said she was sitting next to him on the flight, when he put his hand up her skirt three decades ago. Mr Trump's campaign has denied her accusation, and that of a second woman, Rachel Crooks, who claims he kissed her outside an elevator in 2005. (Webmaster's comment: This is just the tip of the iceberg!)

10-7-16 US election: Donald Trump sorry for obscene remarks on women
US election: Donald Trump sorry for obscene remarks on women
US election: Donald Trump sorry for obscene remarks on women. A video obtained by the Washington Post shows Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump making lewd remarks about women. US presidential candidate Donald Trump has apologised for obscene comments about women he made in a newly released videotape from 2005. Mr Trump said that "these words don't reflect who I am... I apologise". In the video, Mr Trump says "you can do anything" to women "when you're a star" and brags about trying to grope and kiss women. Top Republicans condemned the comments. His election rival Hillary Clinton called them "horrific". "We cannot allow this man to become president," she posted on Twitter. In the video, Mr Trump is heard saying: "Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything." The second TV debate between Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton will take place on Sunday evening in St Louis. (Webmaster's comment: It's not just what he said, IT'S WHAT HE DID that makes him a SEXUAL PREDATOR.)

10-7-16 US election 2016: Why this Trump row is different
US election 2016: Why this Trump row is different
Trump had just married Melania when the recording was made in 2005. A couple of weeks ago, after the row over Trump "fat-shaming" Alicia Machado, I suggested the Republican candidate lay off our weight. Now, and I can hardly believe I'm having to write this, I suggest he lay off our vaginas. The day after a video tape emerged in which he suggested he could have any woman he wants because he's a star and so could just grab them by the pussy, Mr Trump is in a whole ocean of hot political water. Enough, quite possibly, to sink any chance he had of winning the White House. Why this tape - and not the myriad other controversies that have dogged him in recent weeks? First, analyse what he actually says. There is something particularly sexist, I'd say abusive, about this recording. Read this excerpt: "When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything." "Whatever you want," the interviewer says. "Grab 'em by the pussy, you can do anything," Trump replies." It's the way Mr Trump reveals that he sees women as a piece of sexual meat, something he wants, grabs, discards that is so damning. (Webmaster's comment: It's just not what he said, IT'S WHAT HE ADMITS DOING that makes him a SEXUAL PREDATOR.)

10-5-16 The reaction that would give us clean fossil fuels forever
The reaction that would give us clean fossil fuels forever
Crack natural gas into its constituent atoms and you can burn it without producing CO2 – giving us green energy without all the pain of renewables. SCARRED landscapes, billowing smoke, seabirds writhing in liquorice gloop: there’s no denying fossil fuels have an image problem. That’s before we even start to factor in the grave risk continuing to burn them poses to Earth’s climate. But what’s the alternative? Nuclear is expensive, renewables are unreliable, and we are a long way from making batteries that could power our fuel-hungry lifestyles. Realistically, we are going to be reliant on fossil fuels for a while yet. What we need is a way to exploit them without emitting any planet-warming carbon dioxide. Alberto Abánades thinks he has the answer. He isn’t a PR man for the fossil fuel industry, and nor does he have anything to do with various schemes to capture and bury carbon emissions after the event. He and his research team think they have cracked the problem using chemistry alone. By simply changing the way we liberate the energy trapped inside natural gas molecules, we can have all the benefits of fossil fuels – and none of the guilt. Too good to be true?

10-4-16 Does the contraceptive pill cause depression?
Does the contraceptive pill cause depression?
The study found a higher incidence of antidepressant use among women on the pill. "At last!" "Elated." "Really? This is only now becoming common knowledge?" Sighs of relief and growls of frustration were among the online reactions from around the world to the Danish study, published last week, which found that women on the contraceptive pill were more likely to be diagnosed with depression. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen studied the health records of more than a million Danish women aged between 15 and 34, in one of the largest studies to date. They found that those on the combined pill - which contains the hormones oestrogen and progesterone - were 23% more likely to be prescribed an antidepressant than those not on hormonal contraception. For those on the progestin-only pill, the figure rose to 34%. It increased even further, to 80% more likely, for girls aged between 15 and 19 on the combined pill.

10-3-16 China plans world’s biggest spaceplane to carry 20 tourists
China plans world’s biggest spaceplane to carry 20 tourists
DA state-backed agency is testing its first vehicle to send tourists to the edge of space and back - and hopes to fly up to 20 people at a time. Even China can’t resist the lure of space tourism. A state-backed firm is developing a gigantic spaceplane, New Scientist can reveal. The plane may one day fly up to 20 passengers to the edge of space – significantly more people than any other commercial spaceflight firm has pledged to fly to date. The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in Beijing has designed a simple, one-piece spaceplane whose design can be scaled up to carry more people, academy rocket scientist Lui Haiquang told the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, last week. They have designed a winged rocket that takes off under its own power. That sets it apart from SpaceShipTwo, which must be carried to high altitude by an aircraft before firing its own rocket. Han’s team has designed two versions of their rocket plane. The first has a mass of 10 tonnes and a wingspan of 6 metres. This one, he says, should be able to fly five people to an altitude of 100 kilometres – where space officially begins – at speeds up to Mach 6, giving 2 minutes of weightlessness. But a scaled up 100-tonne version, with a 12-metre wingspan, could fly 20 people to 130 kilometres at Mach 8, giving 4 minutes of weightlessness. That larger spacecraft is fast enough to help deliver small satellites into orbit, with the help of a small rocket stage add-on that would sit on top of the vehicle. And that payload-carrying capability will reduce tourist ticket prices, says Han. They also intend to make it reusable, so each plane should be good for up to 50 flights.

10-2-16 Racist graffiti attack on historic black school in Virginia
Racist graffiti attack on historic black school in Virginia
A historic black school in Virginia which was being restored has been vandalised with racist graffiti. The Ashburn Colored School in Virginia, about 30 miles (50km) west of Washington DC, was discovered covered in swastikas and "white power" slogans. Local students had been restoring the crumbling building, hoping to create an education museum. The group, which had raised $20,000 (£15,000) for the project, said it was "heartbroken about this senseless act". Loudoun County Sheriff's Office has opened an investigation. "The vandalism to the Old Ashburn School is reprehensible and will not be tolerated here in Loudoun County," said Sheriff Mike Chapman. (Webmaster's comment: White Racist Nazi Pigs full of intolerance and hatred are alive and well in America! Empowered by the Alt-Right movment we tolerate them at our own peril!)

10-1-16 The rise of the alt-right
The rise of the alt-right
Once confined to the internet's fringes, the extremist movement has been emboldened by the rise of Donald Trump. Here's everything you need to know: What is the alt-right? It's a weird mix of old-school neo-Nazis, conspiracy theorists, anti-globalists, and young right-wing internet trolls — all united in the belief that white male identity is under attack by multicultural, "politically correct" forces. Alt-righters are primarily active online, where they taunt progressive and mainstream conservative opponents with anti-Semitic, misogynistic, or racist emails, tweets, and other social media posts, and exchange white-nationalist memes and conspiracy theories on anonymous forums like Reddit and 4chan. Another major alt-right platform is, a right-wing news site that was given a major boost when Breitbart head Stephen Bannon was named CEO of Donald Trump's Republican presidential campaign in August. As a result, the alt-right has become "the most important pushback against having a multicultural and pluralistic society since the 1920s Klan," says investigative journalist Chip Berlet, who studies extreme right-wing movements. (Webmaster's comment: This is a resurrection of Hitler youth, full of hate and intolerance. It appeals to the worst within us! Read this article. It's important information.)

  • What is the alt-right?
  • Where did the movement originate?
  • Who are today's alt-righters?
  • What about Breitbart?
  • How does Trump fit in?
  • Is the alt-right here to stay?
  • The alt-right's enfant terrible!

10-1-16 Roy Moore: Alabama top judge ousted over gay marriage stand
Roy Moore: Alabama top judge ousted over gay marriage stand
Alabama's top judge has been suspended for the remainder of his term for defying federal court rulings that legalised same-sex marriage. Roy Moore, 69, violated judicial ethics with an order seen as directing probate judges to deny marriage licences to gay couples, a judicial panel ruled. The decision was a "politically motivated effort" by radical groups, he said. His lawyer has vowed to appeal. It is the second suspension for Mr Moore, an outspoken conservative. In 2003, he was removed for refusing to take down a monument of the Ten Commandments he installed at a state building. He was re-elected as chief justice of the state's Supreme Court in 2012.

9-27-16 Measles has been eliminated in the Americas, WHO says
Measles has been eliminated in the Americas, WHO says
The highly infectious disease, which is marked by flat red spots that can cover the body, has been eliminated from the Americas after decades of wide-spread VACCINATION. A half-century after scientists first introduced a vaccine to combat measles, the disease has been eliminated from a swath of the globe stretching from Canada to Chile — and all the countries in between. The region is the first in the world to have eliminated the viral disease, the Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization announced September 27. That’s different from eradication, which means an infectious disease has been scrubbed out permanently, worldwide. So far, only smallpox has been eradicated. Though measles outbreaks still crop up occasionally in the Americas (this year 54 people have contracted the disease in the United States), they stem from travelers bringing the virus in from other parts of the world. A home-grown outbreak in the Americas hasn’t occurred since a 2002 outbreak in Venezuela.

9-27-16 Exclusive: World’s first baby born with new “3 parent” technique
Exclusive: World’s first baby born with new “3 parent” technique
Five-month-old Abrahim Hassan is the first baby to be born using a new version of a controversial technique that uses DNA from three people. Five-month-old Abrahim Hassan is the first baby to be born using a new technique that incorporates DNA from three parents, New Scientist can reveal. “This is great news and a huge deal,” says Dusko Ilic at King’s College London, who wasn’t involved in the work. “It’s revolutionary.” The controversial technique, which allows parents with rare genetic mutations to have healthy babies, has only been legally approved in the UK. But the birth of Abrahim, whose Jordanian parents were treated by a US-based team in Mexico, should fast-forward progress around the world, say embryologists. Abrahim’s mother, Ibtisam Shaban, carries genes for Leigh syndrome, a fatal disorder that affects the developing nervous system. Genes for the disease reside in DNA in the mitochondria, which provide energy for our cells and carry just 37 genes that are passed down to us from our mothers. This is separate from the majority of our DNA, which is housed in each cell’s nucleus. Around a quarter of Shaban’s mitochondria have the disease-causing mutation. While she is healthy, Leigh syndrome was responsible for the deaths of her first two children. Shaban and her husband, Mahmoud Hassan, sought out the help of John Zhang and his team at the New Hope Fertility Center in New York City.

9-26-16 Biggest radio telescope on Earth ready to receive alien signals
Biggest radio telescope on Earth ready to receive alien signals
The 500-metre-wide radio telescope in rural China will let us study galaxies, pulsars and potential alien signals that would be too faint for any other scope. Time to power up the largest radio telescope in the world. China’s Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope, or FAST, began spying on outer space on 25 September. FAST will measure radio waves in space, allowing us to study the rotation of galaxies, monitor the behaviour of pulsars and keep an eye out for signals sent by aliens. It is situated in a remote, mountainous area of Guizhou Province in south-western China, which will help protect it from radio-wave interference, like signals sent by cell phones and Wi-Fi. Construction began in 2011, spurring the relocation of a small village. The telescope will go through a testing and debugging phase before full operation begins, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The telescope, named for the size of its dish – 500 metres across – is about 200 metres wider than its closest rival, the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, built in the early 1960s. That means that it will be able to see dimmer objects than the Arecibo telescope can detect, says Michael Nolan at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona in Tucson. “Being bigger means it collects more light,” Nolan says. “So if you’re looking at a faint signal, it’ll be brighter in the bigger telescope.”

9-15-16 China is launching a space station and wants an even bigger one
China is launching a space station and wants an even bigger one
Tiangong-2 is another step in the long march towards China's goal of a permanent space station – and to signal that it won't play second fiddle to the US. China plans to launch its second space station later today, with a two-member crew to follow next month, according to China space agency officials. The launch of Tiangong-2 is another step towards China’s goal of a self-sustaining space station by 2022, and a reminder of the nation’s space prowess. A Long March 2F rocket will launch Tiangong-2 from China’s Gobi Desert at 22:04 local time, coinciding with the lunar Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese officials announced. It will manoeuvre itself into orbit about 380 kilometres above Earth, then raise its orbit to 393 kilometres when a Shenzhou-11 capsule arrives in October carrying two astronauts, who will live on the station for 30 days. The station is designed for a two-year lifetime, and will dock with China’s first cargo ship, Tianzhou-1, in April 2017. The station is 18.4 metres wide and weighs 8.6 tons, said Wu Ping, deputy director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office, in a press conference broadcast on state-run media. Despite its small size and short lifespan, Tiangong-2 is an important precursor to China’s larger space station, which it aims to launch on a Long March 5 rocket in the next six years, says Dean Cheng, a Chinese space policy expert at the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC. Next year will bring China’s 19th Communist Party Congress, in which prime minister Xi Jinping is expected to win a second term, and a new space station is a sign of the party’s prowess, Cheng adds. “It’s a reminder that China has a manned space programme, including the ability to put its own astronauts into space, something the Americans cannot do,” he says – US astronauts are currently flown by Russia. “It’s about national pride, but it’s also, as the Chinese would put it, ‘very dense in high technology’. And it has military implications, and they are very upfront about this. All of these are elemental to why are they doing this.” (Webmaster's comment: America is losing the space race. Since we only do it for profit for greedy capitalists it must return money to the already super-rich or we won't do it. A for profit space race will also always kill more astronauts because safety costs more money!)

9-15-16 China launches second trial space station
China launches second trial space station
China has launched a second experimental space station, as it looks to have a crewed outpost by 2022. The Tiangong 2 blasted off just after 22:00 local time on Thursday from the Gobi desert. Next month, two astronauts will go to the station to conduct research. Beijing has made space exploration a national priority and is the third country, after the Soviet Union and the US, to launch people into space. The mission follows the launch of the Tiangong 1 prototype in 2011, a smaller but also operational model.

9-13-16 South Africa bars anti-gay US pastor Steven Anderson
South Africa bars anti-gay US pastor Steven Anderson
South Africa has barred controversial US pastor Steven Anderson from visiting the county because of his critical remarks about homosexuality. The home affairs minister said he was refused a visa as the constitution prohibits hate speech. Mr Anderson runs the Faithful Word Baptist Church, which says that homosexuality is an abomination punishable by the death penalty. He said that religious freedom no longer existed in South Africa. "I feel sorry for people who live in South Africa, but thank God we still have a wide open door in Botswana," Mr Anderson posted on his Facebook page after the decision to refuse him a visa. South Africa has one of the most liberal constitutions in the world which protects gay rights.

6-29-16 Most Americans Still Believe in God
Most Americans Still Believe in God
About nine in 10 Americans say they believe in God, and one in 10 say they do not (and that probably means they are Atheists). However, when presented with more than a "yes or no" option, about eight in 10 say they believe and one in 10 say they aren't sure. Belief in God, regardless of how the question is phrased to Americans, is down from levels in past decades. (Webmaster's comment: The poll shows that there are between 28 and 35 million Atheists in the United States. That's a lot of people! We are not alone!)

  • 89% of Americans say they believe in God
  • In a separate poll, 79% say "believe in God" and 10% "not sure"
  • All measures of belief in God show declines from previous decades

5-26-16 U.S. Religious Groups Disagree on Five Key Moral Issues
U.S. Religious Groups Disagree on Five Key Moral Issues
Americans' religious faith greatly shapes their views of whether moral issues or practices are acceptable or not. In general, Jews and those with no religious preference are more liberal than Protestants, Catholics and Mormons in their views on various moral issues. These differences are most apparent on abortion and, to a lesser extent, doctor-assisted suicide and animal cloning. Catholics join with Jews and nonreligious Americans in saying gay-lesbian relations and out-of-wedlock births are morally OK.

  • Jews, nonreligious tend to be most liberal on morality
  • Catholics say out-of-wedlock births, gay-lesbian relations moral
  • Only Mormons view premarital sex, gambling as immoral

Moral Issues on Which Major U.S. Religious Group Disagree
Percentage saying each is "morally acceptable"

Religious Group  No Religion Jewish Catholic Protestant Mormon
Moral Issue % % % % %
Abortion 73 76 38 33 18
Doctor-assisted suicide 77 73 47 43 30
Cloning animals 50 50 33 28 33
Gay-lesbian relations 83 85 62 41 28
Having a baby outside of marriage 80 68 59 47 25
Average  73 70 48 38 27

(Webmaster's comment: It's really obvious who are the true friends of liberal, progressive causes. And it's not the Catholics, Protestants, or Mormans. But amazingly of those the Catholics are the most liberal and progressive.)

Hate Groups Operating In The United States

All data from the Southern Poverty Law Center

All hate groups operating in the U.S. 892 100% 
Ku Klux Klan groups 190 21.3%
Black Separatist groups 180 20.2%
Racist Skinhead groups 95 10.7%
White Nationalist groups 95 10.7%
Neo-Nazi groups 94 10.5%
General Hate groups 53 5.9%
Anti-LGBT groups 48 5.4%
Neo-Confederate groups 35 3.9%
Anti-Muslim groups 34 3.8%
Christian Identity groups 19 2.1%
Radical Traditional Catholicism groups 17 1.9%
Anti-Immigrant groups 12 1.3%
Holocaust Denial groups 10 1.1%
Racist Music groups 10 1.1%

Note that many of these hate groups are Christian Based.
But there are no Muslim or Jewish Based Hate Groups.

Of Special Interest

10-14-16 Strange signals from 234 stars could be ET – or human error
Strange signals from 234 stars could be ET – or human error
Two Canadian astrophysicists claim they’ve detected intelligent signals from 234 sun-like stars - but don’t get your hopes up yet. Two astronomers think they have spotted messages from not just one extraterrestrial civilisation, but 234 of them. The news has sparked a lively debate in the field as other astronomers think the claim is premature and are working fast to get to the bottom of the signals. In 2012, Ermanno Borra at Laval University in Quebec suggested that an extraterrestrial civilisation might use a laser as a means of interstellar communication. If the little green men simply flashed a laser toward the Earth like a strobe light, we would see periodic bursts of light hidden in the spectrum of their host star. They would be incredibly faint and rapid, but a mathematical analysis could uncover them. “The kind of energy needed to generate this signal is not crazy,” says Borra. In fact, Borra showed that technology we have on Earth today – specifically the Helios laser at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – could generate that kind of signal, should we want to reveal ourselves to the cosmos. With this in mind, Borra’s graduate student Eric Trottier combed through 2.5 million stars recorded by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey in search of such a signal. He found it, down to the exact shape, in 234 stars. The overwhelming majority of those stars are in the same spectral class as the sun, which Borra says supports his hypothesis that this signature must be the result of extraterrestrial intelligent life. And with the data in hand, he thinks that 234 distinct civilisations are beaming pulses of the same periodicity (roughly 1.65 picoseconds) toward the Earth. (Webmaster's comment: And what's the point? Any communications would take hundreds or thousands or millions of years, and even longer to visit. Get Real!)

9-14-16 Cold fusion: Science's most controversial technology is back
Cold fusion: Science's most controversial technology is back
The claim to have tamed the sun in the lab was debunked 25 years ago. So why are governments and investors now pouring money into it again? SCIENCE has had its share of embarrassing moments. Take Piltdown man, the missing link in human evolution exposed as a fraud after 40 years. Or the Allan Hills meteorite, hailed by US president Bill Clinton in a televised announcement in 1996 because it seemed to contain evidence of life on Mars – only it probably doesn’t. But few scientific embarrassments raised temperatures quite as much as cold fusion. In 1989, University of Utah chemists Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann announced that they had, at room temperature in the lab, tamed the process that powers the sun: nuclear fusion. This would have been an almost unimaginable technological leap. But no one could reproduce the result, at least not provably, reliably, or to general satisfaction. With no convincing theory to back up the observations either, Pons and Fleischmann were ostracised. Cold fusion – and anyone still willing to work on it – was frozen out. Fast forward 25 years, and thaw is in the air. You won’t hear the words “cold fusion”, but substantial sums of money are quietly pouring into a field now known as low-energy nuclear reactions, or LENRs. Earlier this year, the US House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services declared it was “aware of recent positive developments” in developing LENRs and noted their potential to “produce ultra-clean, low-cost renewable energy” and their “strong national security implications”. Highlighting too the interest of Russia, China, Israel and India, it suggested the US could not afford to be left behind, and requested that the Secretary of Defense provide a briefing on the science by 22 September. Cold fusion seems to be coming in from the cold – but why?

9-13-16 Gravitational pull 'has role in quakes'
Gravitational pull 'has role in quakes'
The gravitational forces responsible for high tides may also play a role in triggering major earthquakes, a study suggests. A Japanese research team found that large earthquakes are more likely to occur at times of a full or new Moon. Tides arise from the effects of the gravitational interaction of the Moon and Sun on a rotating Earth. This could put extra strain on geological faults that are already close to slipping, the team reports.

9-12-16 Full and new moons linked to timing of largest, deadliest quakes
Full and new moons linked to timing of largest, deadliest quakes
The tides may have an effect on Earth’s crust, adding stress to earthquake faults and causing larger quakes around the times of the full and new moon. Chalk another one up for the weird effects of the moon. Full and new moons seem to make earthquakes more likely – at least the largest, most devastating quakes. Although the effect is too small to make much difference in preparing for earthquakes in the short term, the discovery could some day provide key insights into the ways that they develop and grow. During full and new moons, the sun, moon and Earth align, meaning that gravity tugs more strongly on the planet’s crustal plates. The resulting “Earth tides” and increased tidal movements in the oceans can add to the stresses on earthquake faults. It therefore seems plausible that they might make the faults more likely to slip. A few studies have previously found hints that this might be true, but the effect of the tides has barely been detectable. Looking at the 12 largest recorded earthquakes – those with a magnitude of 8.2 or more – Ide’s team found that nine occurred on days near new or full moons, when the tidal pull caused high stress across the fault.

But above all Be Your Own Heroine, Be Your Own Hero. You achieve nothing for yourself by living vicariously off the skills and achievements of others. It's What You Do That Matters. Cheer and applaud your own skills and achievements and be proud of them, Be Proud of Who You Are and What You Do.

Don't Just Think You Are Right, Know You Are. Don't hesitate, don't be unsure, don't let others doubts cloud your judgment, your power of reason. Others will constantly try to manipulate you, control you, dominate you, intimidate you, tell you that you must do this or can't do that, Ignore Them! Your mind, your own thoughts are the only thing you can be sure of, trust your thoughts instead of theirs.

Your mind, your conscious mind is the most powerful tool ever evolved.
Trust it, act on what it tells you. Be positive! If you think you're right
Then Know you're right and Follow What You Think is the best course.
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