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America's Dark Future?
The Possible Future of America.
It happened there & It can happen here!
Germany and Nazi History Movies and Courses
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Free Thinkers

''MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN''  Art Work by Jessi Jean

Make no mistake. Hitler is now alive and well in America. Hitler said he would "Make Germany Great Again!" Trump said he will "Make America Great Again!" Hitler demonized Jews. Trump demonized Muslims. Hitler said "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it" Remind you of anyone?
There is no difference between Trump and Hitler!

The words are similar. The appeals to the worst within us are similar. The appeals to hatred are similar. Will the haters in America follow the same course into dictatorship as the Germans did? The haters want that future! Where White Males Rule All and can commit any atrocity they want on Muslims, Women, Hispanics, Blacks, LGBTs, and non-Christians of any kind. But especially on women. They are physically weaker and easy prey. That's why Muslim women are the first being attacked. They are easy victims for the cowardly white males full of hatred for their own inadequacies as men.

Some expect our laws to protect us. They Won't. The Germans had a democracy with an elected legislature, they had laws protecting all citizen's rights, they had a Supreme Court. The guardians of the laws were simply replaced with those who did not support those laws just as the New Fuhrer (Trump) is doing right now in America by replacing the Federal Judges. Then goodbye civil rights. Hello Dictatorship!

"Amazingly others and myself were predicting this possibility back in 2014 and I put those predictions on the Sioux Falls Atheists website. Here is a link to that page:

Judaism World War II History Movies

Around six million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust, the Nazis' systematic attempt to exterminate the Jewish people. Jews from across Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe were rounded up, and either transported to extermination camps where they were gassed, shot locally, or starved and abused in ghettos and labour camps until they died. Learn about what caused people to collaborate with the Nazis in their attempt to exterminate the Jewish people. (To make it current just substitute the word Muslims for Jews) The subjects in this article include:

  • Could it happen again?
  • Where next?

Make no mistake. They'll be back. Hatred of other people to the point of genocide is alive and well and growing in Europe, United States (KKK, neo-Nazis, Fundamentalists and Evangelicals, Anti-Gays and Anti-Lesbians), Middle East, Africa, India, and South East Asia. Killing others who don't "believe right" and are responsible for "our problems" is a world-wide human behavior. It's even probably the root cause of the hundreds of mass killings in America by brutal white males who see themselves as losers and want to blame anyone but themselves."

Sioux Falls Free Thinkers recommend the German and Nazi history movies and courses below describing the possible future of America.

The courses are available from . The courses can be expensive but they are often on sale for 30% of the regular listed price. The course links on the following pages point to the course location at The Great Courses.

Sioux Falls Free Thinkers enthusiastically endorse the 6 German and Nazi History documentaries, 9 movies, 2 courses and 2 books described on the following 19 pages:

6-8-18 Trump’s assertion of unlimited authority
In a confidential, 20-page memo, President Trump’s legal team told special counsel Robert Mueller that the president has limitless authority over federal investigations and thus cannot be charged with obstructing justice. The January 2018 document, obtained by The New York Times, asserts that the president could at any time “terminate the inquiry” into Russian interference in the 2016 election, or pardon anyone under investigation. It also contends that Trump cannot be subpoenaed and that submitting to an interview would demean the office of the presidency, which must remain “sacred and above the fray of shifting political winds and gamesmanship.” In a stunning revelation, the letter acknowledged the president dictated Donald Trump Jr.’s misleading July 2017 statement regarding his meeting with a Russian informant at Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign—something the president, his press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and his attorneys had previously repeatedly denied. That statement said the meeting was primarily about “adoptions” of Russian children, neglecting to mention that Russians connected to the Kremlin had promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton. “This is the reason you don’t let the president testify,” Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told ABC News. “Our recollection keeps changing.” Trump took his frustrations to Twitter, declaring “an absolute right to PARDON myself” and slamming the investigation as a Democrat-led “never ending Witch Hunt” that’s “totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL!” The president also tweeted that he would have nominated someone other than Jeff Sessions as attorney general had he known Sessions would recuse himself from overseeing the Russia investigation. Trump has repeatedly pressured Sessions to reverse that recusal, The New York Times reported—requests that Mueller has made part of his obstruction investigation. (Webmaster's comment: After being elected in Germany Hitler claimed the very same thing and got away with it!)

6-8-18 Shelter showdown
Video of immigration officials denying a U.S. senator entry to a Brownsville facility where migrant children are being held went viral on social media this week. Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon was blocked from entering a former Walmart with blacked-out windows now serving as a shelter for children who have been separated at the border from their parents. “The attorney general’s team and the Office of Refugee Resettlement don’t want anyone to know about what’s going on behind these doors,” Merkley told a responding police officer. A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the shelters, accused Merkley of grandstanding. The number of illegal border crossings was higher than usual in May, despite the Justice Department’s new “zero tolerance” policy. (Webmaster's comment: Auschwitz is back!)

3-29-18 'Lost' film predicting rise of Nazism returns to screen
A silent film from 1924 predicting the rise of Nazism was found in a Paris flea market in 2015 after being lost for decades. Thanks to a huge fundraising campaign, it has now been restored and returned to cinemas, reports the BBC's Bethany Bell in Vienna. An Orthodox Jew is set upon by three taunting men. A woman shopping at a market stall becomes outraged at the high prices. She starts pelting a passing Jewish man with fruit. Later, huge protesting crowds gather outside the chancellor's office. Inside, the leader consults with an adviser. "It is awful to expel the Jews," he says. "But one must satisfy the people." The incidents portrayed in the Austrian film The City Without Jews (Die Stadt Ohne Juden) are eerily prophetic. It was made nearly 20 years before the Holocaust, at a time when the Nazi party was banned in Austria, and when Adolf Hitler was in jail in Germany, working on his book Mein Kampf. It is based on a dystopian, satirical novel by the Austrian Jewish writer and journalist, Hugo Bettauer. "At the beginning of the 1920s, just after Austria's First Republic was founded, political anti-Semitism was growing incredibly, much more than during the monarchy," says Nikolaus Wostry, director of collections at the Filmarchiv Austria. Bettauer was trying to combat rising intolerance and racism, at a time when Jews displaced after World War One were arriving in Vienna. "Hugo Bettauer was a person who really tried to make society more tolerant - towards Jews, towards homosexuals, toward women taking part in political life," says Mr Wostry. "That all brought him into big conflicts with the right wing in Austrian society, which was quite dominant at that time." (Webmaster's comment: Just substitute immigrants, Muslims and dark skinned people for Jews and you've got America and Trump!)

1-17-18 End of days: Is Western civilization on the brink of collapse?
History tells us all cultures have their sell-by date. Do political strife, crippling inequality and climate change mean the West’s time is now up. AH, the good old days, when predictions that “the end is nigh” were seen only on sandwich boards, and the doom-mongers who carried them were easy enough to ignore. If only things had stayed so simple. The sandwich boards have mostly gone and the world is still here, but the gloomy predictions keep coming, and not all of them are based on creative interpretations of religious texts. Scientists, historians and politicians alike have begun to warn that Western culture is reaching a critical juncture. Cycles of inequality and resource use are heading for a tipping point that in many past civilizations precipitated political unrest, war and finally collapse. For the most part, though, people are carrying on as usual, shopping for their next holiday or posing on social media. In fact, many people seem blissfully unaware that collapse might be imminent. Are Westerners doing the modern equivalent of sitting around eating grapes while the barbarians hammer on the doors? And more importantly, does science have any ideas about what is really going on, what might happen next and how people could turn things around? The idea that Western power and influence is in gradual decline, perhaps as a prelude to a precipitous fall, has been around for a while. But it has gained a new urgency with recent political events, not least the election of US president Donald Trump. For some, his turning away from international commitments is part of fulfilling his promise to “make America great again” by concentrating on its own interests. For others, it’s a dangerous move that threatens to undermine the whole world order.

11-22-17 How right-wing insurgencies win
Political reality can change with alacrity — and radically so. Consider what happened in Germany between 1928 and 1933. In the elections of May 20, 1928, the National Socialist Party received a minuscule 2.6 percent of the popular vote, winning just 12 out of 491 seats in the Reichstag. By March 5, 1933, the date of the fifth national election in as many years, the Nazis' share of the vote had swelled to 43.9 percent, giving the party 288 seats out of 647. The single most salient variable in the changing electoral fortunes of fascism in Germany was the stock market crash of 1929, which delegitimized the parties of the center and boosted support for the ideological extremes. But the eventual triumph of the far right was a product of the way that economic shock interacted with the parliamentary system of the Weimar Republic itself. Of course, most of today's right-wing populists are not Nazis. But we can still learn a lot from Germany's past as we see these right-wing insurgents making gains in countries throughout the West in part by exploiting vulnerabilities in representative institutions. The ongoing situation in Germany serves as an especially vivid illustration. Again, the far-right upstart party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) isn't an explicit successor to the National Socialists, and its leader Jörg Meuthen isn't Adolf Hitler. Yet the unfolding situation in the country will be familiar to anyone who's studied the breakdown of parliamentary governments in other times and places. (Webmaster's comment: And Trump's leading the movement to right-wing dictatorship in America, just like Hitler led to it in Germany. Wake up people!)

11-10-17 Trump’s authoritarian instincts
President Trump’s view of the U.S. criminal justice system is a disturbing mix of “ignorance with contempt for constitutional values,” said Ruth Marcus. After New York City suffered a terrorist attack on Halloween, the president objected to trying the suspect in court, saying we need “punishment that’s far quicker and far greater than these animals are getting now,” and denounced our justice system as “a joke” and “a laughingstock.” This is the head of our government speaking? Trump’s slander is factually wrong: Since 9/11, more than 620 people have been convicted of terrorism-related charges, including Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was sentenced to death. Even more alarming was Trump’s “unhinged fury” after special counsel Robert Mueller indicted three of the president’s campaign aides. Trump said in interviews he’s “very frustrated” that he can’t just order the FBI and the Justice Department to go after Hillary Clinton. “The American public deserves it!” he tweeted. So far, the Justice Department has resisted Trump’s pressure to prosecute his 2016 political opponent, but “presidential wishes are hard to ignore, day after day.” If Trump had his way, our criminal justice system would become a laughingstock. (Webmaster's comment: Look at history. Trump is simply a wannabe Hitler! He says the same things and acts the same way as Hitler did before Hitler assumed dictatorial powers.)

10-20-17 Richard Spencer speech at Florida campus sparks mass protest
Richard Spencer speech at Florida campus sparks mass protest
Protesters chanting "Go home Nazis" have disrupted a white supremacist's speech at the University of Florida. Richard Spencer's address in Gainesville prompted Florida's governor to declare a state of emergency. Outside the event, police officers stood guard as hundreds of demonstrators shouted: "Go home, Spencer!" His speech comes two months after a far-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, left a woman dead. Several dozen supporters of Mr Spencer in the campus auditorium were overwhelmingly outnumbered by protesters who shouted down the speaker. "I'm not going home, I will stand here all day if I have to," Mr Spencer said, calling the crowd a mob of "shrieking and grunting morons". Audience members continued to heckle him, chanting "Nazis are not welcome here" and "Let's go, Gators!" - a reference to the college mascot. The university said it did not want to let "vile" Mr Spencer speak, but was obliged under law to do so. (Webmaster's comment: The Russians knew what to do with the Nazis, they sent them all to Siberia. We should do the same!)

10-20-17 A young leader shifts the country rightward
A young leader shifts the country rightward
Wunderkind! Austria’s likely new chancellor is an energetic young “political entrepreneur,” said Peter Ulram in Die Presse (Austria). In 2013, at age 27, Sebastian Kurz became the country’s youngest-ever foreign minister. Last week, the now 31-year-old Kurz led the center-right People’s Party to first place in Austria’s national election, winning 31 percent of the vote. Before Kurz took over as party leader last May, polls showed the far-right Freedom Party—founded by ex-Nazis—with a clear lead. But the Freedom Party ended up finishing a hair behind the center-left Social Democrats, each getting about 27 percent. Far-right leader Heinz-Christian Strache claimed Kurz stole his supporters by adopting his anti-immigrant, tough-on-crime platform, but that can’t be the whole story, since the Freedom Party also picked up votes. Austrians flocked to Kurz partly for his low-tax populism and partly because they credit the foreign minister with halting the flow of migrants through the country in 2015. Kurz will now be given the first chance to try to form a government, probably with the Freedom Party as a junior coalition partner. If he succeeds, the wunderkind will become one of the world’s youngest national leaders. (Webmaster's comment: We've seen Wunderkind before. They first arose in Nazi Germany!)

7-29-17 Fox News' Jesse Watters pines for Trump the dictator: 'Maybe we could repeal ObamaCare'
Fox News' Jesse Watters pines for Trump the dictator: 'Maybe we could repeal ObamaCare'
It's unclear which people Fox News' Jesse Watters has been talking to, but he claims "a lot" of them "wish President Trump was a dictator." Watters explained Thursday on The Five that if Trump were a dictator then "maybe we could repeal ObamaCare." "It would be a lot easier that way," he said, hours before the ObamaCare "skinny repeal" died on the Senate floor. Watters made the remark as the panel discussed a recent quote from Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.), comparing Trump to King George III. Ellison said Trump's efforts to "intimidate people, to pack the courts, to intimidate the press" are all part of his plan to "just run everything himself." "We fought a war of independence against somebody — King George — who was trying to do that," Ellison said. But Watters seems to think that, for the sake of repealing the health-care law that insures more than 20 million Americans, it wouldn't be so bad for Trump to be a little more like the man who sparked the Revolutionary War. (Webmaster's comment: The FOX news media calls for Trump to be a dictator. Hitler has won over Fox!)

3-24-17 JFK diary calls Hitler 'stuff of legends'
JFK diary calls Hitler 'stuff of legends'
A diary kept by President John F Kennedy as a young man travelling in Europe, revealing his fascination with Adolf Hitler, is up for auction. Kennedy, then 28, predicted "Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived". "He had in him the stuff of which legends are made," he continued. Kennedy wrote the entry in the summer of 1945 after touring the German dictator's Bavarian mountain retreat. It is thought by historians to be the only diary ever kept by the 35th US president. The original copy will be auctioned for the first time on 26 April in Boston by longtime owner Deirdre Henderson, who worked as a research assistant for Kennedy while he was a US senator with White House ambitions. He wrote that Hitler "had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him".

2-18-17 'Enemies of the people': Trump remark echoes history's worst tyrants
'Enemies of the people': Trump remark echoes history's worst tyrants
At a different time, in another country, it was effectively a death sentence. Being branded an "enemy of the people" by the likes of Stalin or Mao brought at best suspicion and stigma, at worst hard labour or death. Now the chilling phrase - which is at least as old as Emperor Nero, who was called "hostis publicus", enemy of the public, by the Senate in AD 68 - is making something of a comeback. In November, the UK Daily Mail used its entire front page to brand three judges "enemies of the people" following a legal ruling on the Brexit process. Then on Friday, President Donald Trump deployed the epithet against mainstream US media outlets that he sees as hostile. "The FAKE NEWS media (failing New York Times, NBC News, ABC, CBS, CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!" he wrote on Twitter. The reaction was swift. "Every president is irritated by the news media. No other president would have described the media as 'the enemy of the people'", tweeted David Axelrod, a former adviser to President Barack Obama. Gabriel Sherman, national affairs editor at New York magazine, called the phrase a "chilling" example of "full-on dictator speak". Steve Silberman, an award-winning writer and journalist, wondered whether the remark would prompt Trump supporters to shoot at journalists. The US president's use of "enemies of the people" raises unavoidable echoes of some of history's most murderous dictators. (Webmaster's comment: The real enemy of the people is sitting in the Oval Office!)

2-7-17 Beware Trump's Reichstag fire
Beware Trump's Reichstag fire
I like to think I'm a little less prone to panic than some of my liberal brethren. I haven't called President Trump a fascist, mostly because the idea of him having a coherent ideology is absurd. Much as I fear how he'd act in a crisis — a fear that has only grown since he became president — I grant that most of what he'll do in office is exactly what any Republican president would do. I don't doubt that there will be an election in 2020. And while Trump has a remarkable lack of human virtues and an even more remarkable set of character flaws, I don't think he's Hitler. That doesn't mean, however, that certain historical events don't offer us a warning of the kind of thing we should watch out for. In particular, the Trump administration's move to shut America's doors to refugees and stop all entry from nationals of seven Muslim countries has me thinking more and more about the Reichstag fire. There will come a moment when something awful happens, and Americans need to be ready for the Trump administration's effort to exploit it. In February 1933, an arsonist set fire to the Reichstag, the German parliament building. When a young communist was arrested for the crime, Adolf Hitler, who had become chancellor one month before, declared that it was part of a communist plot to overthrow the government. The next day, a law was signed essentially suspending all civil liberties, and Hitler quickly purged his political opponents from government and consolidated the Nazi Party's grip on power. (Webmaster's comment: I disagree with this article because all the elements are there for an absolute dictatorship, a megalomaniac leader, religious fanatic cabinet ministers, and a violent white male supremacist support base just waiting for the right incident to remove all civil rights and take complete power.)

12-26-16 Taiwan 'Nazi rally' school principal resigns
Taiwan 'Nazi rally' school principal resigns
The principal of a Taiwanese school whose students held a mock Nazi rally for a Christmas parade has resigned. Cheng Hsiao-ming, head of the Kuang Fu High School in Hsinchu, said he took "full responsibility" and apologized. Friday's "rally" featured a parade of swastika banners and a cardboard tank carrying one student performing a Nazi salute. Israel's representative called the event "deplorable" and Taiwan's presidential office has apologized. Announcing his resignation, Mr Cheng said: "As educators, we should have taught students to have the right values. We will learn from the mistakes we made and have asked students to do so too." (Webmaster's comment: The great Evil is back all over the world in Asia, in Europe, and in America!)

Students in American Supported ''Free'' Taiwan learning to support Hitler and the Nazis! America will be next!

12-18-16 Why the Nazis studied American race laws for inspiration
Why the Nazis studied American race laws for inspiration
A shameful truth! On 5 June, 1934, about a year and half after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of the Reich, the leading lawyers of Nazi Germany gathered at a meeting to plan what would become the Nuremberg Laws, the centerpiece anti-Jewish legislation of the Nazi race regime. The meeting was an important one, and a stenographer was present to take down a verbatim transcript, to be preserved by the ever-diligent Nazi bureaucracy as a record of a crucial moment in the creation of the new race regime. That transcript reveals a startling fact: The meeting involved lengthy discussions of the law of the United States of America. At its very opening, the Minister of Justice presented a memorandum on U.S. race law and, as the meeting progressed, the participants turned to the U.S. example repeatedly. They debated whether they should bring Jim Crow segregation to the Third Reich. They engaged in detailed discussion of the statutes from the 30 U.S. states that criminalized racially mixed marriages. They reviewed how the various U.S. states determined who counted as a "Negro" or a "Mongol," and weighed whether they should adopt U.S. techniques in their own approach to determining who counted as a Jew. Throughout the meeting the most ardent supporters of the U.S. model were the most radical Nazis in the room. The record of that meeting is only one piece of evidence in an unexamined history that is sure to make Americans cringe. Throughout the early 1930s, the years of the making of the Nuremberg Laws, Nazi policymakers looked to U.S. law for inspiration. Hitler himself, in Mein Kampf (1925), described the U.S. as "the one state" that had made progress toward the creation of a healthy racist society, and after the Nazis seized power in 1933 they continued to cite and ponder U.S. models regularly. They saw many things to despise in U.S. constitutional values, to be sure. But they also saw many things to admire in U.S. white supremacy, and when the Nuremberg Laws were promulgated in 1935, it is almost certainly the case that they reflected direct U.S. influence. (Webmaster's comment: It's very true. America led the world in Racism and served as a model for other Racist nations. And now it seems many Americans want to go back to that Racist time.)

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for
good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

America's Dark Future?
The Possible Future of America.
It happened there & It can happen here!
Germany and Nazi History Movies and Courses
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Free Thinkers