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A Horror Novel's Food For Thought
By Jack McDevitt's fictional horror novelist Vicky Green
from his book "The Devil's Eye."

Etude in Black

  1. Civilization is about constructing and maintaining a coherent time line to the past. If we are to know who we are, and where we are going, we must remember where we have been and who took us there.
  2. My advice to you, Grimly, is to do the sensible thing: Hide.
  3. There's something in the woods, Becky. We don’t know what it is. No one has ever seen it. But on cold nights, when the wind turns around and comes in from the east, you can feel it. And that’s when you want to stay inside and keep the door locked.
  4. When you see the horseman in your rearview mirror, it’s time to throttle up.
  5. “You’re bluffing, Carla.”
    “Well, Fallow, it’s all you have left, isn’t it? Here’s your chance to go home early.”
  6. “Parker did what he thought best. Star was tired so he took the short route home. I mean, what were the chances, really?”
    “But it cut through the darkest part of the forest.”
    “I know. But the point is, he meant well.”
  7. Being truthful is okay. But it can get you just so far. If you’re serious about getting things done, what you really need is public relations.

Etude in Black

A Horror Novel's Food For Thought