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Exposure Gallery & Studios

Exposure Gallery
& Studios


Exposure Gallery & Studios

Think Free - Exposure Gallery & Studios

Samples of Recent Past Events
at the Exposure Gallery

We're having a new juried show sponsored by the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers from 6-9pm, Friday, September 5. Starting at 6:00pm in CDT
Exposure Gallery & Studios in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Think Free - Sioux Falls Free Thinkers
Think Free: A juried exhibit sponsored by the Sioux Fall Free Thinkers!

Artist Critique - Exposure Gallery & Studios
September 9th - Artist Critique tonight at 8pm at Exposure!

The SFDC is taking our PicNic on the road. Join us for our first ever
Walking Taco Tour to Exposure Gallery and Studios. Come to the
SFDC to load up a Taco and take the short walk to hear
Zach DeBoer talk about Exposure's new space.
SEPT 10TH Noon - 1pm.
Walking Taco Tour - Exposure Gallery & Studios
Sept 10th - Join us at noon at the Sioux Falls Design Center
for a Walking Taco Tour over to Exposure!
Should be a lot of fun! Walking Tacos!

Exposure Gallery & Studios