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Free Thinkers Billboard: Moral Equivalency: Racism, Slavery, Rape, Lynchings, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Jew, White Male Supremacy and Female Inequality! Those Who Fight Hate Are Not The Same As Those Preaching It!

White Power Terrorist Hate Crime Billboard
that went up on Minnesota Ave on March 13th, 2017

Hate Crime Billboard: White Power Terrorist Timothy McVeigh with one of his child victims! Why are White Male mass murderers never called terrorists!

Why are White Male Mass Murderers never called Terrorists!

Hate Crime Billboards that went up on West 12th Street,
Minnesota Ave and South Cliff Ave on January 16th, 2017

Static Billboards

Hate Crime Billboard: Hate Crimes Ahead: After The Election Hate Crimes Went Up By Over 4 Times To Over 85 Per Day! And It's Just Begun!

Hate Crime Billboard: 706 Hate Groups: White Nationalist, Neo-Confederate, Anti-Immigrant, Racist Skinhead, KKK, Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi, Anti-Muslim, Anti-LGBT: These Hate Groups Now Feel Empowered To Attack Those They Hate! These Hate Groups Are Not Hispanic, Jewish, or Muslim Based!

Hate Crime Billboard: Stop HATE: Shun Hate Groups And Cast Haters Out! Teach Love Not Hate! If Group Leaders Preach Hate, Leave The Group!

Digital Billboards

Hate Crime Billboards: Hate Crimes Ahead! Christian Based Hate Groups! Stop Hate!

Here is your chance to have a positive impact on these billboards.
Constructive criticism is always welcome. Use our Contact Form or
come to one of our meetups before the first week in January.

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Hate Crime Billboards for 2017