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South Dakota Medical Marijuana Summit
Press Release

November 17th 2014 For Immediate Release:

Contact: South Dakota Compassion / Emmett Reistroffer:
South Dakota Family Coalition for Compassion / Melissa Mentele:

South Dakota Medical Marijuana Advocates Will Host a Legislative Summit On November 22nd in downtown Sioux Falls.

Proponents for medical marijuana legislation invite area lawmakers and the public to attend a legislative summit on November 22nd in downtown Sioux Falls. The goal of the event is to discuss preparations for the upcoming legislative session. The South Dakota Medical Marijuana Summit is a grassroots educational and organizing event for area patients and advocates coming together and accelerating the movement to change state law. Cancer, MS, Glaucoma, and many other patients of various conditions will call on community leaders to provide a responsible and compassionate plan for safe access to medical marijuana. The 3 hour event will feature an informal meet & greet for patients and their families, a short documentary screening, an expert panel discussion and various workshops to inform and train volunteers.

The medical marijuana summit is an opportunity to learn about the science, culture and laws surrounding medical marijuana and will equip supporters with the information and skills needed to be effective advocates. Various regulations and policy approaches will be debated and considered. Elected officials and anyone interested from South Dakota is invited to attend and may inquire about the event or medical marijuana legislation by contacting either Melissa Mentele or Emmett Reistroffer. A subsequent legislative summit is being planned for a later date in Rapid City.

Event Details:
The South Dakota Medical Marijuana Summit
Saturday November 22nd (10am - 1pm)
Downtown Main Library Meeting Room A, 200 N. Dakota Ave, Sioux Falls
* Lunch is not provided, but light snacks and beverages may be available.
* There is no cost to attend.

PRESS INSTRUCTIONS: Please make the 1st hour at 10am a top priority for interviews and the 2nd hour at 11am a top priority for video footage. The second hour will have an expert panel discussion with a specific time period for questions from the press.

South Dakota Medical Marijuana Summit
Press Release