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Sioux Falls Free Thinkers endorse Phenomena for showing us the
wide spectrum of mysterious phenomena reported in the past.
How much of it is real and valid? You decide. Note: Some of
these phenomena have since been explained by science.

A Book of Wonders

Phenomena by John Michell & Robert Rickard (1977) - 128 pages
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  • Showers of Frogs and Fishes
  • Falls of Creatures and Organic Matters
  • Falls of Artifacts
  • Missiles from the Upper Regions
  • Strange Disappearances
  • Falls of Liquids and Mysterious Oozings
  • Spontaneous Human Combustion
  • Fire Immunity and the Fire-Walk
  • Stigmata
  • Invisible Assailants
  • Fiery Persecutions
  • Cattle-Rippers, Sheep-Slashers and Mysterious Mutilators
  • Freak Plagues and Mass Panics
  • Materialization and Flight of Objects
  • Levitation and Spontaneous Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Taken Away and Brought Back
  • Phantom Ships
  • Spectral Armies and Sky Battles
  • Cities and Islands in the Sky
  • Mysterious Lights
  • Human Glow-Worms
  • Mysterious Images
  • Lightning Pictures
  • Children Brought Up By Animals
  • Wild People
  • Little Folk
  • Toad in the Hole
  • Invisible Barriers
  • Werewolves
  • Coincidences
  • Shared Visions
  • Honest Codfish
  • Stones That Move and Grow
  • Phantom Music and Voices
  • Projected Thought-Forms
  • Accidents to Iconoclasts
  • Archeology
  • The Surrey Puma
  • Strange Scenes and Phantom Cottages
  • Phenomenal Highways
  • Spontaneous Images on Film
  • The Great American Monster
  • Lake Monsters and Sea Serpents
  • The Hollow Earth
  • Asbestos People and Fire-Genii
  • Odd Clouds
  • Anomalous Fossils
  • Mysterious Provisions
  • Images that Weep and Bleed
  • Black Dogs
  • Strange Deaths and Lightning Fatalities
  • Images That Come to Life
  • Family Retainers, Weird and Ominous
  • Unreasonable Footprints
  • Twins
  • Electric People
  • Bodily Elongation

Throughout the ages, people have experienced certain types of phenomena that correspond to archetypal images in mythology and dreams. There are certain strange patterns of events that recur endlessly, eluding any logical explanation, yet actually existing, in recurrent circumstantial reports, in pictorial evidence, and in their influence on the minds and actions of human beings.

This collection of anomalies and irregularities gives us an expanded view of reality that asks us to consider, without rationalistic censorship, the entire range of human experience. Phenomenal reality operates beyond our limited conceptions of cause-effect and space-time to form a continuum in which everyday "reality" merges into enigmatic phenomena for which the explanations of neither religion nor science can account.

With wit and sophistication, the authors objectively survey, in words and in pictures, over fifty curious and well-documented classes of strange phenomena that have defied the suppressions and explanations of the orthodox, including spontaneous human combustion, showers of frogs and artifacts, levitation, coincidences, monsters, phantom music and voices, projected thought forms, and strange disappearances.

As nature can equal the wildest flights of imagination, and as the tendency of scientific experiments is to yield results gratifying to the experimenter, John Michell and Robert Rickard suggest that we not limit our view to a preconceived reality; that it is possible to see beyond to a greater, essentially irrational universe that is revealed to us through the unreasoned oddities of human experience - a phenomenal reality.

John Michell was born in London in 1933 and educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge. After service in the navy and the civil service as a Russian interpreter, he became interested in the many aspects of human experience and discovery not covered by conventional modern science, particularly in relation to ancient philosophy, which led to a study of the mysteries of megalithic science as revealed by its monuments. He was one of the first to relate the discoveries of the new astro-archaeologists to a wider historical and philosophical context. Mr. Michell is a founder of the Radical Traditionalist Association and the Anti-Metrication Board, England, and in spring 1977 he was scholar in residence at Lindisfarne College, New York City. He is also the author of The Flying Saucer Vision, The View Over Atlantis, City of Revelation, Old Stones of Land's End, The Earth Spirit, and Secret of the Stones.

Born in 1945, Robert J. M. Rickard lived in Borneo and Malaysia as a child, and was educated in Scotland and England. In 1968 he received an advanced diploma from Birmingham College of Art and Design; following this, he was director of his own design partnership in Birmingham. In 1974, he started writing full-time on strange phenomena, a lifelong interest. He is the founder of Fortean Times, Europe's leading new journal on strange phenomena and allied subjects, and is a board member of the International Fortean Organization (based in Arlington, Virginia), which was founded to continue the work of the late phenomenalist Charles A. Fort.

A Book of Wonders

Sioux Falls Free Thinkers endorse Phenomena for showing us the
wide spectrum of mysterious phenomena reported in the past.
How much of it is real and valid? You decide. Note: Some of
these phenomena have since been explained by science.