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The Truth About America
Power And Terror
Recent History Movies and Books
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Sioux Falls Free Thinkers recommend the recent history movies and books below on the Truth About America.

American History is not what you've been taught in High School or even in College. Much of the truth has been hidden, skipped over, glossed over to the point of being unrecognizable, or spun to make Americans think we are the greatest nation on earth. Never mind that we perpetuated atrocities, crimes and theft against the American native population, against the slaves, against the peoples of South America, Africa, South East Asia and Asia proper, and the Middle East. Americans have killed more innocent people than all but four nations; Germany, Japan, Russia, and China. We seem to be obsessed with World Domination fully willing to support brutal dictatorships in order for our corporations to make profits at the expense of the people in the countries our corporations exploit. It's not a pretty picture.

Case in point. Americans murdered about 3 million innocent civilians in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The people there were basically farmers who lived in bamboo huts and bamboo houses and whose great dream was to get a water buffalo to ease their labor in the their rice paddies and rice fields. They had no defense against our bombs, and especially not against our napalm bombs which we used to burn entire villages sending every man, woman, child, elderly person and baby to a horrible death. Once napalm lands on you it just burns through you. Imagine the horror and pain of a innocent child whose arm or leg is burning off in front of his or her eyes. We also murdered without trial 25,000 of the Vietnamese people as spies in operation Phoenix. We even lined up villagers in ditches and slaughtered women and children just like the Nazi's did in Europe. The people of Vietnam couldn't tell the difference between us and the Nazi's. We did many of the same things.

To the above atrocities add Agent Orange, unexploded bombs and artillery shells, and the cluster bombs for kids. Agent Orange is still causing birth defects and birth deformities in South East Asia forty-five years later. Unexploded ordnance still buried makes it impossible to use much of the best farm land, and children still pick up the cute little toys with the Mickey Mouse faces and get their hands or faces blown off. If this happened to us in America do you think we'd ever forgive and forget? Not likely!

These people were not a threat in any way to the United States or our interests. What were they going to do? Ride across the Pacific Ocean on their water buffalo and invade us? But we had the power to murder them in large numbers so murder them we did. All in the name of stopping the spread of communism, which was hardly going to spread to America across the Pacific. We never seem to learn that mass killing of a people stiffens their resolve. The Nazi's learned that in Russia. The South East Asians would rather have all died than give in to the likes of us. And who would blame them. And how stupid can we be?

And that's just recently. Add to that Iraq, a completely unjustified war. The Philippines in the early 20th century, with it's own set of American atrocities there. The support of the South American dictatorships and the training of their death squads by the CIA run School of the Americas. And much much more which will be documented on this website with many books and movie documentaries. You just have to open your eyes and mind and say "No More!" because if you don't America will do it all again to more innocent people someplace else.

5-11-17 Chomsky: Republican Party 'most dangerous organization on earth'
Chomsky: Republican Party 'most dangerous organization on earth'
BBC Newsnight's Evan Davis challenges academic and political activist Noam Chomsky, who argues the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history.

6-1-16 Why you should always cast a suspicious eye on American power
Why you should always cast a suspicious eye on American power
When in doubt, call for more oversight! Over the weekend Daniel Drezner, professor at Tufts University and writer for The Washington Post, got into an interesting debate with a number of leftists on Twitter. The question at issue was worldwide American military hegemony: Is it good or bad? Drezner took the "good" position, while Adam Johnson of Alternet took the contrary view. Both sides make some pretty good points. But regardless of one's position on the American empire, anyone in Drezner's position must recognize a basic duty to keep a suspicious eye on government activity — especially when it involves the use of force. (Webmaster's comment: United States violates the rights of other nations all the time and has done so since the 1870's. Our "Interests" have been the excuse we use to kill people in other nations to gain territory and to force them to accept our corporations for our profit at their expense. Read Killing Hope, Rogue State, and House of War for a complete history.)

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The Truth About America
Power And Terror
Recent History Movies and Books
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Free Thinkers