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A Horror Novel's Food For Thought
By Jack McDevitt's fictional horror novelist Vicky Green
from his book "The Devil's Eye."

Wish You Were Here

  1. We don’t fear death because we lose tomorrow, but because we lose yesterday, with its sweet poignancy, its memories of growing children, of friends and lovers, of all that we have known. Nobody else has really been there in the way we have. And when the lights go out for us, for you or me, the lights go out in that world, too.
  2. Do not let them mislead you. Your fate is indeed written in the stars.
  3. Reality is what hits you in the head when you don’t watch where you're walking.
  4. The media show us that supernatural creatures, when they come onstage, are uniformly disquieting, twisted, terrifying. One has only to see them to back away. To be repulsed. The truth is quite the opposite, child. These apparitions that come out of the night, that come seeking body and soul, are in their own way extremely attractive. One might say, ravishing. They are in fact quite irresistible. And that is why they are dangerous.
  5. Ultimately everything is math. The number of protons in a given element, the gravitational force that binds Earth to the sun, the number of heartbeats you get. Learn to count, my boy. Therein lies wisdom.
  6. It is a natural reaction, when a shadow comes at us out of the darkness, a thing we do not know and cannot grasp, to run. And if we cannot run, we will kill it, if we can. Nothing is more certain. Nor should it be.

Wish You Were Here

A Horror Novel's Food For Thought